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How to Approach Holidays, Travel and Special Occasions with PCOS

Written by Caitlin Johnson

Mindset is Everything with PCOS

Remember you are human. Celebrating is a part of the human experience. Let’s forget your diagnosis of PCOS or your fertility journey for a day. One day of celebrating isn’t going to make your PCOS go crazy or stop you from getting pregnant. 

I believe if you approach the holiday knowing it is a time of celebrating with family and friends then you can make the distinction in your mind. The trouble I see people fall into is that they feel bad or wrong for eating a meal that doesn’t have enough protein or veggies. Then the shame makes them feel guilty and they approach the rest of the vacation or holiday with an attitude like “I’ve blown it. It doesn’t really matter what I do next.” 

The thing is, it does. Your next meal or snack has the opportunity to be balanced. There is no guilt in having dessert, drinking some eggnog, or having a glass of wine with dinner. It’s a holiday, celebrate without guilt or shame.

Holidays don’t last forever - they are a finite period of time


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