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Metabolism part 2
Why hormones matter to our weight. You've heard of calories in and calories out - a difference in calories makes weight loss possible. Those of us with PCOS can't just perform this specific math because of our adaptation ability (stronger than most women) and because our hormones are driving these pathways too - not just energy input and use.
Metabolism part 7: Fat
Learn about the role of fat in metabolism, including how eating the right fats can be anti-inflammatory and regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. If you have PCOS or struggle with appetite control, this video is for you!
Metabolism part 1
In this video we discuss how PCOS is not just a female hormone problem, it is a metabolic disorder that affects our production of sex hormones like female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) and increases production of male hormones (testosterone).
Metabolism part 6: Fiber
Learn about the importance of fiber in regulating blood sugar, managing PCOS, controlling insulin levels, and curbing appetite in the latest installment of our Metabolism series.
Metabolism part 4: Blood Sugar
In part 4 of our Metabolism series, we dive into the importance of blood sugar levels for weight loss and managing symptoms of PCOS. Learn how insulin resistance can affect your energy levels and overall health before we jump into strategies to impact insulin levels.
Metabolism part 3: Insulin and Leptin
In this video, we'll discuss the role of insulin and leptin in PCOS and how they affect metabolism and weight loss. Understanding these hormones is crucial for managing PCOS symptoms.
Metabolism part 5: Protein
In this video, we'll dive into the role of protein in metabolism and how it can impact your PCOS with factors like appetite, blood sugar, and insulin levels. Learn all about protein-rich foods and how they can benefit your metabolic health!
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If you want to take the leap in managing your PCOS, this video will take you to your first steps. Follow the link below to the next post after completing this video.

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