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High Protein Chicken Tortilla Soup

Written by Caitlin Johnson

This soup is delicious in the dead of winter when you need some warmth and spice to brighten up your day. There is so much color, flavor, and comfort in one bowl, you’ll want to make this again and again.

At a Glance: 

Prep time: 20 min  |  Cook time: 20 min

Servings: 6

High Protein Chicken Tortilla Soup

A Latin-inspired chicken soup can be made in many different ways. This rich tomato broth has spices that bring a flavor profile of your favorite Mexican dish but all the lightness of a soup. We’ve adjusted the recipe to be hormone-balancing and blood sugar friendly.

Why This Recipe Works for Blood Sugar Balance

This recipe relies on large amounts of vegetables and beans for fiber. I’m always recommending eating a rainbow of vegetables and fruit in a day. You will get that in spades with this dish. Orange bell peppers, red tomatoes, yellow corn, green spinach leaves - you have 4 colors in this one dish. Slice some purple radish for a topping and you will have 5!

This recipe includes chicken and beans, which boost the meal's protein content and can slow down how your body increases blood sugar. This is great because slowing that response makes it so you don’t make as much insulin. A PCOS win!

Why This Recipe Works in Your Kitchen

Towards the beginning of this recipe you are instructed to allow spices to slowly toast on the bottom of the pan and cook tomato paste before adding liquids. This allows the flavor to deepen and slightly changes the notes on the spices. You can use this trick for almost any recipe you use tomato paste. I like to toast my spices whenever they have more of a warming profile: cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, cumin, chili powder, cayenne.

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